Designs for Fun and Profit

Sometimes, when you do something well, it can be profitable. Creating artful items is a joy and especially if they can also be useful. Sometimes, a creation is purely for my own enjoyment and other times it's by request.

I have designed various items. Many things refine down to basic geometry. If you can see the shapes that make up the whole, the next steps to creating that whole are much easier to grasp.

I like to experiment with whatever medium comes to hand. I have designed clothing for 16th Century Historical Re-enactment. Using squares, rectangles, circles and triangles, utilized the naturally narrow yardage created by hand on small looms. Compared to today's fabrics, one had to be quite creative in getting the most possible from the very time intensive process of cloth making. This gave me insight into designing to get the most from the least amount of fabric.

In addition to working with cloth, I have learned to weave strips and cording on an inkle loom. These have made decorative belts and sashes as well as useful trims, ties and straps. I have also learned the useful craft of basketweaving. With their many configurations and uses, baskets are not only functional, but very beautiful as well.

My most recent exposure to design is in interactive software. FLASH has been an eye opener to the possibilities of interactive play. Again, I find learning the smaller parts that become the whole, intriguing.